VRLA provides high performance and confidence for long-term applications as a AGM battery. They are the batteries which have the gas recombination system which is used in the system of uninterrupted power supply sources and are real, dry type fully-unmaintained batteries produced in the plant in Tepeören for the first time in Turkey. These batteries are offered in flame-retarding boxes under the control of automatically closing low pressure valves. They have a high-rate of gas recycling. The closed system batteries have such significant advantages as being maintenance free and the possibility of being used in closed areas including the inside of the device etc. and even in vertical and horizontal positions.

The main fields of use of OPzS and VRLA type products may be listed as follows:numerous fields of the telecommunication sector , the control , communication and signalization systems of the energy and transport sectors, power stations, information processing systems, uninterrupted power supplies, safety systems , back-up energy systems in marine vehicles and various industrial applications.

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