Batteries of Çelik Starter Series are the products which have been developed and produced for enabling the automobiles and light commercial vehicles to make their initial motion and for operating all devices in the vehicle which are fed by electricity. It is able to provide high current and power in a short time .

All Çelik Otomotiv batteries are produced using the silver ? calcium alloy technology . The batteries which are obtained by combining the silver ? calcium alloy with the new expanded metal technology are produced taking into consideration the requirement to meet the needs of all automobile models.

Batteries with silver alloy have an economic life and starter power which is 20 % more than the traditional batteries and exhibites a performance which is more resistanr against climate conditions and the high temperature of the environment in which it is operated. ?Fully unmaintanined? feature has been developed because of the minimization of water loss and loss due to waiting the environmentalist feature of the battery comes to the fore through the gasification, filtration and recovery system.

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