Gel batteries are VRLA batteries in which the free electrolyte is fixed as a gel through the addition of an additional chemical substance.

Çelik marine batteries :are the batteries which have been developed for the purpose of meeting the starter power and energy needs of the vehicles operated in the seas, lakes and rivers. Our batteries of Çelik marine series are the holders of Turkish Loyds certificates.

Basic specifications of marine batteries : These are high performance batteries which have an internal design tailored to the fields of use, have the property of deep cycle and a mechanism for the discharge of the gases from the vehicle through the central gas line as well as the ability to continue to provide service by preserving the electrolyte up to a pitch of 55 degrees.
The batteries have been produced with such material that enables them to protect their technological specifications and performance during the low season during which the battery is not used and they have a long economic life thanks to their special technological design and have been produced using inflammable material for the safety of the environment and vehicles..

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