Maintenance of the battery / Charging


In the batteries of which plug (cap) can be opened the length of charging is dependent on the intensity of electrolyte in all the cells is 1.280 g/cm3 between 20 35 C. The charging process shall be cut when that value has been reached. The electrolyte level n the battery which has been let rest for two hours shall be adjusted at the maximum line and installed in the vehicle after its top has been wiped.

The batteries which wait as being charged in a diluted state or the discharged batteries which come from the customer shall be charged with the currents and in the periods of time given in the tables below according to the level of charging. However that may not reach the desired intensity in the used batteries.

If the corrected intensity in the last two hours of charging in these batteries has not changed the charging that has already been made shall be deemed to be sufficient. Charging shall be applied according to voltage values in the fully closed batteries of which plug is not opened.

  • Be sure that the charging device is not open
  • Determine the charging level in the battery.
  • Connect the battery to the charging device. Positive and negative poles must be connected to the positive and negative pole respectively . Take care not to make the pole connection in the reverse order.
  • Choose the current and voltage values that you want in the charging device according to the specifications and user manual and connect them to the charge.
  • After charging, close the charging device first before seperating the terminals
  • Measure the open circuit voltage and eye intensities in order to determine whether additional charge is needed or not.

Open circuit voltage = 11.70V -12.40V
Open circuit voltage =< 11.70V
Battery capacity (Ah) Charge A. Duration of charging

You may charge more than one batteries with the same capacity in parallel to each other at the same time

Dischrged batteries freeze in lower degrees (-5 C – – 10 C) in cold weather

Don’t try charging a frozen battery . Take care that it has ambient temperature before being charged.

Overcharge shortens the lifetime of the battery.

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