Maintenance of the battery / Selection and installation of the battery


Choose the right battery according to the vehicle to be used, from our catalogue in which the specifications of the battery are stated. Measures, cold starter current and capacity values are the most important selection criteria. Dilute the dry batteries according to the method described above and charge them if necessary.

In the batteries which wait for diluted charging, recharge the battery using the method described above if the open circuit voltage is 12.50 Volt and below when the average daily temperature is less than 40 C.

If the ambient temperature is high, recharge the battery using the described method when the voltage 12.40 and below.

Mark the cables with the signs +/ – in order to make a correct connection to the battery before taking off the old battery.

Measure and be sure of the correctness of the voltage value and direction of the battery, control and clean the connections and battery tray carefully . Place the new battery and fit in and tighten the connections .

First connect the positive cable. Then connect the negative (-) ground cable. Tighten it carefully. Be especially careful while tightening the leads of he battery laterally since extreme tightening may damage the poles.

Cover the lead terminals and cable ends with anti-rust material .

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