Maintenance and keeping of the battery

Ca-ca maintenance free batteries with diluted charge may be stored for 6 months without loosing their charge while that period of time is 3 months for hybrid batteries . The batteries shall be damaged if they are stored in discharged condition. All batteries must be kept in a cool and dry place. Besides the diluted batteries must absolutely be stored by placing a seperator (for example styropor ) in between them if they are to be superposed on one another in a flat position . .

The principle of  the one which enters the first leaves the last must be followed. Factory entrance and exit dates must be stated on the stack. For example the code number 280421 written on the battery shows that the battery has been produced on the twenty first day of the month of April of the year 2008.

The need for recharging in the calcium containing Ca-Ca diluted batteries :

  • once every six months if the average storage temperature is under 27 C (*)
  • once every three months if the average storage temperature is over 27 C (*)
  • Recharging is also required if the open circuit voltage of the battery has fallen to 12.4 volt. This method is an alternative to the options (1) and (2).
  • These periods of time are approximately ½ of the foregoing as far as hybrid diluted, charged batteries are concerned.

ATTENTION: Don’t allow acid oveflow and the temperature to exceed 52 C. while charging. If the temperature rises reduce the charge current or stop charging until the battery cools. High charging temperature damages the battery .

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