Maintenance and measurement of the battery


While controlling a battery control it against the conditions stated below before starting the test:

Displaced, loosened or torn-off poles
Cracked-broken box or caps
Displaced, broken plugs or plugs of which holes have been closed, clogged gas outlet holes

If the battery is not damaged step further to the next step

Measurement of the charge level :

Measure the open circuit voltage by an accurate voltameter

PS: The state of charge of a battery which has just be charged must never be measured irrespective of whether the battery is on or outside the vehicle . In that case there is a surface charge which has a misleading high voltage. Discharge the battery with 15x15A or, if the battery is in the vehicle, by keeping the long headlights open for 15 seconds in order to remove the exceeding amount of the surface charge.

Loading test

Battery test under load and the evaluation of the results thereof is dependent on the system of devices used. Loading test and the evaluation of its results is made according to the instruction on the device .

Control of the electrical equipment of the vehicle

While installing a new battery or when a defect battery has come, control the electrical equipment of the vehicle . The most widespread error that may take place in the vehicle is overcharging or undercharging. Measure whether the output voltage of the alternator is between 13.8-14.4 volt for hybrid batteries when the battery is normal, while staritng and accelerating the battery. . An output volltage of 13.8-14.8V is suitable for the purpose of Ca-Ca batteries . (in a 12V vehicle ).

PS: In the vehicles in which electronic circuit and codings incur memory loss due to the dismantling of the battery , prevent the system to be interrupted by activating a second battery or a special
device .

Charging level with 1.280 initial electrolyte at 27 C.

% Charge approximate Open circuit V. Approximate intensity
100 12.6V 1.280
75 12.4V 1.240
50 12.2V 1.200
25 12.0V 1.160

PS: The interruption of the connection of the battery shall cause a memory loss in the electronic systems . In that case a back-up power connection may be established through the lighter plug in order to prevent that situation.

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