What is to be known / Warnings

BackBatteries contain lead terminals, terminals and related components, lead, lead compounds and some other chemicals .You must wash your hands with plenty of water and soap at the end of all works related to the battery. In order not to incur serious health problems.

Always put on protective glasses, masque and gloves while working on and around the battery.

Hydrogen gas that emanates from the batteries are extremely flammable. Charging areas must be thoroughly ventilated.

Keep the battery away from all other objects and factors that may cause ignition like spark, flame, burning cigarette, weld, friction and the discharge of static electricity. Otherwise the gas may be ignited and explode. Besides, what is to be done first is to remove the ground cable connection and what is to be done finally is to reinstate that connection for the purpose of preventing the sparks that may arise during the maintenance works.

Dismantle (-) negative lead terminal first while dismantling a battery from the vehicle, and install the positive lead terminal first while installing the battery in the vehicle.

Don’t connect or dismantle direct circuits during charging. Always close the charging and test devices first while connecting or removing the cable heads in order to avoid sparks.

Don’t bend the diluted batteries to an edge more than 45 C . The batteries contain sulphuric acid that may cause serious burns and for that reason if you contact acid you must wash the contact spot with plenty of water and soap. In case acid leaks into the eyes, have a medical examination just after washing the contaminated spot.

Don’t bend on the battery while charging, testing and setting up connection from battery to battery .

Wait until the frozen battery heats up to 15 Co before connecting it to the charge

Don’t install the battery in the vehicle before seeing that its voltage is in the right direction.

Keep the battery and electrolyte away from children.

What is to be paid attention for ensuring correct use:

The surface of the battery must be kept clean and dry.

Care must be taken for not allowing slackening and oxidation in the connection points of the battery .

If the type of the battery is suitable, the water of the battery must be controlled and pure water must be added if the amount of water has decreased. No acid must be added.

Care must be taken for keeping the battery in fully charged condition if the battery is to be kept for a long time without being used.

Read and comply with the instructions.

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