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Durability for special requirements:

Contrary to popular belief, extremely high temperatures cause more damage to your battery compared to very low temperatures. The best protection against unusual weather is to store your battery fully charged. Periodically checking the terminals for oxidization and loosening, and keeping your car in a closed garage, especially at night in cold weather, will also ensure that you get the maximum performance from your battery in the long run.

The most common damage seen on batteries is caused by vibration. Make sure that the battery is installed in a way that prevents shaking and that the connections are tight. You will get a much better performance with the plate design and special reinforced alloy that Çelik developed against the extremely high and low temperatures as well as the road conditions in our country.

It is definitely not recommended to trust hearsay information and try to reheat used batteries to reuse them or try other methods to make them useable again as this may cause leakage, explosion or fire, causing damage to your vehicle and most importantly, to you.