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Marine Superior Flooded Battery Technology

Marine Superior Flooded Battery Technology

These products are developed for the varying energy needs of marine vessels and manufactured with SFB technology. These superior batteries have a central gas exhaust system and a fire-arresting, leakproof, lid technology that provides high levels of safety. The specially developed grid alloy does not require maintenance thanks to the active material and special fiber separators. These products are cost-efficient as they have a longer cycle life than standard batteries. Minimum discharge means that they offer maximum shelf life and are suitable for seasonal standby.

Patented calcium (Ca) alloy grid technology

Active material developed for marine batteries

Contribution to the environment and sustainability with almost 100% recovery in all products

Higher vibration resistance compared to standard batteries

Superior performance compared to standard batteries under harsh climate conditions

Maintenance-free product technology

A structure that preserves the electrolytes in inclinations up to 55°