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Superior Flooded Battery Technology

Absorbent Glass Mat Technology

These are superior VRLA batteries that meet the AGM battery needs of vehicles with the START-STOP technology, which have reduced fuel consumption and emissions but higher energy needs.
These batteries were developed specifically for light commercial vehicles and top segment automobiles that have START-STOP technology and a regenerative braking system.

Up to three times longer cycle life compared to standard batteries

Higher vibration resistance compared to standard batteries

Innovative products for vehicles that support low carbon emissions

Superior performance compared to standard batteries under harsh climate conditions

Fast charging suitable for the START-STOP technology

Contribution to the environment and sustainability with almost 100% recovery in all products

Up to 40% higher performance than standard batteries

Zero leaks thanks to the lid system equipped with a special pressure control valve (VRLA) and maintenance-free product technology

Active material developed specially for the AGM START-STOP technology

Patented calcium (Ca) alloy grid technology

Replace with a battery equipped with the same technology.