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ÇELİK BÖLGE BAYİLERİNİN UKRAYNA GEZİSİ ÇELİK Akü comes together with its various regional dealers on the occaison of the organization of visist to Ukraine.

Meetings were held with the regional dealers of Çelik Akü during the meeting organized in the city of Kharkiv of Ukraine with Karaoğulları, the regional dealer for the european side of Istanbul, on March 28-31, with Vapa Otomotiv, the regional dealer for İzmir, on March 31- April 3 and with Karmet, the regional dealer for karaman, on April 8-11.
Çelik Akü brand was represented by the following officials during the meetings: Member of the board of directors, Erem BİLGİN, Dealers Sale manager, Cüneyt ERSOY, Advertisement and Public Relations Manager, Canan HATUNOĞLU, Deputy sales managers, Tansel ŞAH,N and Şerife ZEYBEK VURAL, regional inspectors Ozan RONA and Koray KIZIL while the regional dealers were represented by Yunus Karaoğlu from the company Karaoğulları, Osman VAROLAN from the company Vapa Otomoitv and İsmail KARAKAŞ from the company Karmot.

During the meeting it has been emphasized that the brand ÇELİK Akü has increased its market share in the sector every day and we have thanked the dealers,who had contributed to realizing that success, Ideas were exchanged on the level of satisfaction ensured by the sponsorship activities carried out ÇELİK Akü brand in the domestic radios during the year 2013. Moreover information has been forwarded to the dealers about the new product start ? Stop batteries. Thank you palques were distributed to the dealers for their participation at the end of the meetings.
The city of Kharkov which is one of the leading centers in the production of aircraft and tanks in the world has been admired by the guests with its natural beauties and museums besides aircraft training field. The dealers had fun as they wished during the meetings which had ended with the gala dinner the last night.


Çelik Akü Fas Turu ÇELİK Akü has shared its goals for the year 2013 with its regional dealers during the meeting that took place in Morocco on February 8-12.
Dealers sale manager of ÇELİK Akü, Cüneyt ERSOY, Assistant sales managers Bülent ŞEN, Advertisement and Public Relations Manager Canan HATUNOĞLU, Regional Inspectors Ozan RONA and Yakup KAYMAZ participated in the meeting which had taken place in the city of Casablance, which is known as the White House of Morocco. During the meeting the dealers were thanked for their success in the year 2012. The details of the brandization in the respective territories were discussed with the dealers and ideas were exchanged with them about how to offer the best service to the end-user and increase the level of after-sales satisfaction. It has been emphasized that the advertisement activities of ÇELİK Akü brand, as a leading brand of the sector, would continue increasingly with the purpose of increasing brand awareness.
At the end of the meeting, awards were presented to Ali Sait BOĞA and Ahmet Ender BOĞA, the representatives of Boğa Otomotiv, the dealer for Hatay region, Şeyhmus MÜSLÜM, the representative of Uğur Otomotiv, the dealer for Diyarbakır region and Cemalettin ÇAKMAKTEPE, the representative of Emre Otomotiv, the dealer for Afyon region.
The organisation which lasted five days contiinued with the special dinner in the site which has become famous for being the site of the shooting of the film ?Casablanca? and this was followed by a visit to Marakesh. Fascinating buildings, mosques, palaces and squares in the old city section of Marakesh were visited. This visit has been an opportunity to recognize different cultures. Moreover guests also had the opportunity to see thenatural beauties of Morocco by climbing the Atlas mountains.

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