Maintenance of the battery

Information on the maintenance , keeping, measurement,charging and installation

Before doing any operation:

Care must be taken for not leaving any dirt on the battery. It must be controlled whether there is any cracks in the battery box. There must be no oxidation in the lead termnals. Electrolyte level must be 1-1.5 cm over the plaques. Care must be taken for keeping the holes on the dust covers open abd loosened connections must be tightened.


Ca-ca maintenance free batteries with diluted charge may be stored for 6 months without loosing their charge while that period of time is 3 months for hybrid batteries . If the batteries are stored in a discharged state… continued…


Displaced, loosened or torn-off poles, cracked,- broken box or cover. Displaced, broken plugs or plugs of which holes have been closed , clogged gas outlet holes…. continued…


In the batteries of which plug (cap) can be opened the length of charging is dependent on the intensity of electrolyte in all the cells is 1.280 g/cm3 between 20 ? 35 C. When that value has been reached… continued…

Selection of the battery and installation

Choose the right battery according to the vehicle to be used from our catalogue in which the specifications of the battery are stated. Measures, cold starter current and capacity values… continued…

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