Problems and solutions

The probable problems encountered and their solutions

PB: Acid overflow from the plugs (caps)
Potential cause: The battery has been overcharged
Proposed solution : Reduce the level of fluids in the battery. Comply with our warnings about acid absolutely

Problem: Acid level is insufficient
Potential cause: Gas may emit from the box due to leakage or overcharge
Proposed solution: Have the charging device controled or replace with a new Çelik Battery.
Problem: The low level of acid intensity (< 1.240 kg/dm3), strain of the battery while operating
Potential cause: Insufficient charge , equipment that draws a high amount of current, short circuit

Proposed solution: Recharge the battery, have the charging system of the vehicle (regulator, alternator and electrical system) controlled.

The excessive level of acid intensity (>1.240 kg/dm3)
Potential cause: Acid has been added to the battery instead of pure water

Proposed solution:
The amount of acid must be reduced and pure water must be added instead. (This process can be repeated if necessary.)

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