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Resistance against special conditions : Contrary to the general belief high temperature damages batteries more than extreme cold. Keeping your battery at the full-charged state is the best protection against extraordinary weather conditions . Besides the periodical control of the terminals against oxidation and slackening and keeping your vehicle in a closed garage during cold weather and especially during nights makes it possible to obtain maximum performance from your battery for a long time.

The most frequently observed defects in the batteries are those caused by vibration. Take care for ensuring that the battery has been installed in such a manner that does not allow vibration and that its connections are tightly fastened. The plaque design and the alloy with special additives developed by Mutlu against extreme warm and cold temperatures observed in our country and the low quality roads ensures a much better performance.

It is totally not recommended to heat the used batteries or strengthen them using other methods for the purpose of reuse basing on hearsay information since that would cause leakage, explosion or burning and damage both your vehicle and, more importantly, yourself.


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