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Enhanced Flooded Battery Technology

Enhanced Flooded Battery Technology

These are flooded batteries equipped with the EFB technology, developed to meet the energy needs of commercial and heavy commercial vehicles that have the Start-Stop feature. Their reinforced internal structure produces a cycle life that is twice as long as that of the standard batteries and a faster charging capacity.

EFB Commercial Batteries by Çelik can be conveniently used for all heavy commercial vehicles that have high energy requirements, as well as offering a long service life under harsh operating and climate conditions with their high vibration resistance, maintenance-free product technologies and a leakproof lid design.

Up to two times longer cycle life compared to standard batteries

Superior performance compared to standard batteries under harsh climate conditions

Innovative products for vehicles equipped with the START-STOP technology that supports low carbon emissions

Patented calcium (Ca) alloy grid technology

Active material developed for EFB Commercial batteries

Contribution to the environment and sustainability with almost 100% recovery in all products

Higher vibration resistance compared to standard batteries

Shelf life up to 18 months under suitable conditions

Maintenance-free product technology