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Enhanced Flooded Battery Full Energy

Enhanced Flooded Battery

Full energy and solar batteries are an important and critical power source for applications that require long working periods.
With a reinforced internal structure, these batteries are designed to offer a long service life in energy applications with their high charging capacity, and are used in cleaning equipment, electric vehicles, alarm and security systems, solar power systems, wheelchair accessible vehicles, elevators, pallet lifters, golf carts, trailers and UPS. In applications that require high power levels, they offer deep discharge up to 50%. Little water loss is synonymous with no maintenance.

Patented calcium (Ca) alloy grid technology

Active material developed for Full Energy batteries

Contribution to the environment and sustainability with almost 100% recovery in all products

Higher vibration resistance compared to standard batteries

Superior performance compared to standard batteries under harsh climate conditions

Maintenance-free product technology

Suitable for deep discharge